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Kou/Aoba, "Remember when Kou and Aoba visit Wakaba's grave together for the first time as a couple?", G, 694w

Kanemaru/Toujou, "Remember the look on Toujou's face when he heard Kanemaru call him "Hideaki" for the first time?", G, 674w
Kanemaru/Sawamura, "Remember when Kanemaru saw Eijun bawling his eyes out while reading a shoujo manga, goes over to see what it's about, and ends up sobbing with him?", G, 707w
Kanemaru/Sawamura, "Remember when Kanemaru realized that Eijun had gone from "Sawamoron" to "Sawamura" to "Wamura" to just "Eijun"?", G, 958w
Tanba & Jun, prompt, G, 681w
Toujou/Taiyou, rolled-up poster with message "momoclo was having a signing at the mall so i went", G, 783w

Kuroo/Konoha, "Remember that time Kuroo made Konoha breakfast?", G, 699w
Konoha & Komi, prompt, G, 2334w
Terushima/Hana, "The only safe thing is to take a chance." - Mike Nichols, G, 533w
Bokuto/Kuroo, -"I'm so angry I could kiss you!" "What was that?" "I said I'm so angry I could...piss...glue..." "I've never heard that." "It's a very common expression." - Abe and Joan from Clone High, G, 887w
Akaashi/Konoha, supernatural AU, G, 1474w
Bokuto/Konoha, The Little Mermaid AU, G, 603w

Imaizumi & Onoda, Hogwarts AU, G, 1014w
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